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Use Daemon Tools like a USB Drive
Some VIPs had problem running the loader with the usb drive method, I've found a way to use Daemon Tools like a Virtual USB Drive. The steps are easy but you need to do it fast.

Step 1: Download Daemon Tools Lite from: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
Step 2: Make a ZIP archive of your loader.exe
[Image: b6f09c008b4796d494f22677d0a3e8fa.png]
You can use 7zip or WinRar/WinZip just make sure it is a .ZIP not .RAR or .7z file.

Step 3: Open Daemon tools and mount the new .zip archive we made
[Image: 4777c700e1d1504c97702465c3e57e03.png]
Drag and drop your .zip archive into Quick Mount Icon

A new window will pop up with your mounted drive like:
[Image: 9fca8c0ba61b7691743d4bc701d54112.png]
if this new window doesn't show up double click on his virtual drive icon
[Image: a49330088993184df0b485a248fb1526.png]

Step 4: Run the loader from the virtual drive as always: login, select hack, load hack, start the game - Be ready for the next step -.
Step 5: As soon as the hack injects go on daemon tools and on the top-left corner of your virtual drive will appear a yellow icon, click it to unmout the drive
[Image: oprqerY.png]

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thank you for this bud
[Image: cristiano-ronaldo-free-kick-goal.gif]

Thank you for the tutorial. My alternate way is TrueCrypt, but this way is good too.

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