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Hack Suggestions
Hey people i think is the first post im making, Ive used hacks for quite a long time and I think I have some great suggestions for hacks. 

1. Save feature. It would be great to have a save feature so every single time you go in the game you don't have to re select all the features, especially as most people who are "legit" hackers mostly use the same features. 

2. Aimbot settings: A few more aimbot settings would be great, like a aimbot mode so maybe an example would be aim closest to the cross hair, or free aim which just aims on anyone in the angle, you know something like that? Then also another good aimbot feature would be a lock feature.... so that it stays on the person until their dead with our going to another person making you look like your using aimbot.

3. shoot through walls would be nice. 

4. NX chams: possibly adding an on off that automatically starts at the begining of the game so that it doesn't start off at the begining.

I think thats all i got.....
Thanks for the suggestions bud

1. Yes agreed to have "save features"

2. Right now aimbot does not flawlessly run, it need a little bug smash but it's still good tho. There's a function that let you aim on people either near you or crosshair. And that lock feature? Hmmm that is sure a good idea

3. Miss this feature and would be real nice to have back but ughhhhg this would cause errors in game. But sure, good idea

4. NC chams? Agreed, kinda jealous with CA chams it look cool
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