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Forum Rules
1. No pornographic material allowed.
2. Torrents/RAT/Viruses are NOT allowed.
3. No flaming
4. Do not bump threads (2+ weeks old)
5. Do not spam.
6. Respect all Staff/Members/Admins.
7. Do not post any downloads with viruses.
8. All downloads must include a full virus scan and must be uploaded as an attachment.
9. Don't ask for free VIP, a staff position, or veteran.
10. Respect the authority of staff.
12. Only one account per user. Multiple accounts are only allowed for multiple people in a house hold.
13. Do not evade your ban. You will be banned permanently on all accounts.
14. Do not abuse the report system.
15. Do not false report.
16. If you have a problem with a staff member PM an admin.
17. Don't make threads calling someone out.
18. When you buy VIP you are buying forum access, not a hack.
19. VIP features may be removed or missing.
20. There is no set time for updates.
21. You may be compensated for updates.
22. You agree to all the rules when you buy VIP.
23. VIP can only be used on one computer. It is HWID locked on use.
24. You can only reset your HWID a certain amount of times.
25. Do not share forum accounts.
26. You cannot transfer, pause, or change a subscription.
27. No refunds.
28. Do not sell forum accounts.
29. No spamming flaming or raging in the shoutbox.
30. Selling game accounts MUST INCLUDE A MIDDLE MAN. All middle men can be found in the account section.
32. We can change/add/remove rules as we please.
34. Do not ask for support in the shoutbox.
35. Do not PM for support.
40. Only Tech Support+ can TeamView. Moderators may NOT teamview members!
42. We are not responsible for your game account. Use the hacks at your own risk. If you are banned it's not our fault.

Forum Rules
You agree to rules on signup.
Always give credit if using other's work.
Do not post in other people's applications.
Do not use a proxy to access the forum.
Do not post stolen accounts of any kind.
All support questions belong in the support section.
Don't double post.

Note: Applies to our game servers and teamspeak a well
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Virtual Evolution a place that is home to thousands of players who wish to gain an advantage on others , not only are we one of the only hack websites around that is undetectable around on the market. We have an abundance of friendly staff who are willing to spend their time daily to make sure your experience here at Virtual Evolution is outstanding.

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