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Walk Through Walls

Please be cautious when using the "walk through wall feature". If you are reported and are doing this please be aware you will be permanently banned.

Also please keep in mind you can also get a 59 min. Server side ban for going certain places in certain maps. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR HONORABLE SOLDIER BADGE.
-For example, Any object other than a box on PORT.

A very simple way to do this is to make it look like you are doing a glitch.
Tell people who seem interested in bugging as well to prevent getting kicked or reported.

In conclusion:
Please be careful with this feature, although it is a hilarious way to troll people into making them think you're just doing a bug, you still run the risk of a GM Permanent ban.
cant use it anyway 
need to remove killzone dmg
You can't it does that either way

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