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One question?
Why none is using reputation system ? :thinking:
Also You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. is the best he is really active helped me on my issues and stuff. He is a professional S-Mod.

Big Grin
I can also help, and I'm active 13 hours a day, but I  will never be a staff .. I am unlucky .. 
1- I believe that most of members would like staff to help them without giving Feedback but yea it's our work to help all members even if they didn't say "thank you"

2- Why noone is using reputation system? I think not all members know about it or lazy to do it

3- Thanks for your reputation @Snyp3rEli7E , I appreciate it also thank you for this Feedback thread Smile

4- @xxVasseDxx there is nothing impossible, actually we need GFX / VFX and a spammer, I know that you want to be a moderator but it is full at this moment, you can show us more mod work until something change on staff team then you may be get moderator position Wink
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