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[EVENT] Combat Arms public hacks are back online! For our Valentines Day, be sure to check our new event~ This is the chance to be able to earn free vip for regular members! Will end on the 21th-

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    Crossfire came back

    VIP - September 09th 2016 - Month
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    CF NA- VIP - September 23th 2016 - 1. Month
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    9/18, but you added 2 days due to some mistake on your end, you can be  referred to here: http://www.virtualevolution.co/showthrea...932#pid932
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    (10-01-2016, 06:48 PM)Ninja66 Wrote:
    Combat Arms hacks are still fine and undetected! This announcement directs towards Crossfire VIPs!

    First of all, we currently have issues with Crossfire EU hacks. Crossfire NA is fine BUT, we need to close our Crossfire hacks.
    They will stay offline for 3 days to one week.
    VIPs will be kept however our system does not enable us to freeze vips nor add days. I CAN add days manually.

    It will be the CF VIPs responsibility to comment their VIP. Just comment THE DATE when you bought crossfire vip and I will add days when crossfire comes back online. All VIPs from previous that has not expired up to day will have a bonus extension of a week.

    The reason for the offline is because Fenix is taking a break from coding hacks altogether. He will still be a staff to hang around (he's still an admin). He'll help with anything I ask him, but for coding, he won't do for a while. He's busy with his life right now. BUT you guys are lucky!
    -Points to Combat Arms Coder-
    You see that coder? His name is Dias. He is our lovely coder for our Combat Arms hacks, and now he will take over Fenix's position of coding and continuing Crossfire hacks. Crossfire NA will be released online first. Crossfire EU will take time for him to get used to.
    Due to this, the Combat Arms vip new features update will be pushed back by a few days or so.
    BASICALLY, Crossfire hacks are down temporarily, NOT permanently. Dias is now the coder of both Combat Arms and Crossfire.

    DO NOT
    -ask for refund
    -get paypal to refund
    [We have already said that we do not do refunds since our "product" is a virtual good.]
    -Ask me constantly on skype
    Any actions done of this will result in your remaining vip erased or not being able to get an extension on our Crossfire hacks.

    Just saying this was a tough decision we had to make. We want to close the hacks to prevent further bans.

    Goodluck Fenix and Dias!

    My VIP was activated on September 15th 2016
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    Vip from 1.10.2016 1 Month
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    it was     30.9
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    because this is already a good abuse 10 days but we are still waiting as

    vip since 29/09/2016
    Just saying. All previous vips are require to REDOWNLOAD the loader


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