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[EVENT] Combat Arms public hacks are back online! For our Valentines Day, be sure to check our new event~ This is the chance to be able to earn free vip for regular members! Will end on the 21th-

  • -Go check for details!-

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    Virtual Evolution Announcements: 10/9/16 MAJOR CROSSFIRE HACKS COMEBACK!

    First of all, the wait is finally over! Crossfire hacks are now back online and fully tested as undetected! Big Grin

    Crossfire VIPs:
    I will begin the process of giving everyone their days and extensions. Please note that I will be doing this manually one by one, so please be patient and I will get through every single one of you. I prepared 2 cans of sodas for the night Tongue

    Alrighty! COMBAT ARMS VIPS:

    New updates!
    -Radar ESP
    (360 OWL VERSION :O )
    -More control on speed and jump hack
    -Kill switch using f12
    -Bug fixes
    -FPS fixes for certain people

    We will have a special event; however for it to work, only vips are able to participate. The rewards will be the top 3 people (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
    Event details will be posted soon!
    ~This affects both CF and CA~

    Please do not use the shoutbox for support! I forgot other things I wanted to write....
    CF VIPS NEED TO REDOWNLOAD THEIR LOADER! Fenix's loader will be offline, but Dias's loader will now handle our hacks!
    Loader Download

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    [-] The following 4 users say Thank You to Ninja66 for this post:
      • 101-, Ak69, Azurius, Matriox
    please fix tele kill and
    +hack EXP ? you can add ?
    Good job!
    CA VIP gets new hack features but CF doesn't. -.- where is the love for CF VIP users?!!!
    Give us suggestions...


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