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Answered Feature Suggestion!
Hey guys, firstly very nice cheats, I recommend the private VIP to everyone! OK so as you know we have the aimbot and the current ability to set an aimkey for only one aimbone. Be it either chest or head or whatever you do, I really think adding another key for which we can set a different aimbone! so for example, when playing you would press right click and that would aimbot to the chest, or if the guys peeking you press MOUSE3 and it aimbots the head. I think thatd be a great addition.

Thanks for the Suggestion! This will be reviewed.
[Image: oiTeyC6.jpg]

Hmm sure sounds interesting. I believe a bone scan would be a better feature. It aims at any of the visible parts. You can set a preferred place so if they were all visible, the aimbot would aim at the place you preferred it to be. Smile
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[Image: oiTeyC6.jpg]


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