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    Request Menu tabs // Aim FOV // RCS

    It would be nice to have an aimbot FOV feature on the aimbot so that it only aims at people within a certain range of your crosshair instead of the current 360 aimbot. This would make using normal aim instead of silent aim viable and stop the occasional aimbot fucking up and shooting someone you aren't aiming at. 
    Maybe we could get a Legit and Rage tab on the menu where the rage tab has blatant stuff like the 360 fov aimbot and no smoothing n shit and the legit tab would feature legit settings like an adjustable aimbot fov, smoothing and possibly an RCS (recoil control system) so it controls the recoil for you and looks more legit instead of using no recoil.
    I added this to our list of updates: http://pastebin.com/s5haJjXS
    We will get on it

    I don't use aimbot but if I did test it before. One way to look legit is don't use it at all, but if you want some help with your aim then set the priority to crosshair instead of distance (this way you will not 360)
    [Image: cristiano-ronaldo-free-kick-goal.gif]

    Use silent aim, you won't 360. It isn't very obvious if you aren't streaming in which case would be the only reason as to accidently shooting someone else, I myself use shift key as aim key.
    [Image: tumblr_nmjy1lazCc1qh9nffo1_400.gif]
    [Image: QMPSn1Z.png?1]


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