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Our "new" Paypal Refund Policy! click bait included!
Refund Policy
- Once charged to your credit card (Paypal) Or Other payment methods, the payments for the digital goods are nonrefundable and final. Any charge back’s or disputes from the purchaser’s credit card (Paypal) will result in your account being instantly disabled, permanently terminated and/or legal action will be taken.

Never before have I seen so much "refund me, hack no work" shit in our paypal resolution center. I have won them all simply because OUR HACKS AREN'T PACKAGES. THEY ARE NOT REAL LIFE ITEMS. MOREOVER, vips are buying SUBSCRIPTIONS that has ACCESS to the hacks, not the hacks themselves! This is completely STUPID! 90% of those Paypal disputes, 80% of those people DID NOT DOWNLOAD THE LOADER requirements!
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^Loader requirements^

The other 20% remained banned.

What else? They never ATTEMPTED to make a support thread. Never have I done technical support IN PAYPAL. I will never do that again.

Because of this, there is a system in place that has been working well. It is simple.

If you attempt to refund/chargeback/dispute, the system will immediately remove the vip off the subscription and the money paid will be labeled as donation. This serves as punishment and the account that is linked to it will be BANNED! This is done because this is ridiculous! 


Yes, this is mean and strict, but remember that we work hard supporting our hacks and our coder, Dias, works even harder to keep out hacks updated and undetected.

Thank you for my rant

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