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    My ideas regarding a PWLV bot (CA)

    So to start things off, there were a lot of ideas related to this subject that I had one of them even being related to SnD powerplanting.

    But to give some context on this idea that I have, on Warrock (Yes, I know very old dead af game) there was a powerlevel bot, where two players would teleport to one bombside and just farm, basically.

    Many websites started to launch their own versions of this Powerlevel bot and some worked, some didn't, but let's skip that part for now.

    CA has many options you can farm EXP on.
    Currently the "best way" is to do Elimination Pro. (Imo it is, regarding other people's opinions it might not be, but let's just say it is for now)

    My idea would basically consist on these 2 possibilities: 

    - Either having a game, where people plant and defuse the bomb on SnD and make the game +10m long (I haven't tested this idea yet, but when I do, I'll scratch if the exp is complete garbage)

    - Having a Elimination Pro game, where it's 3v3 - But on this 3v3 game, there are 2 players afk in each team. 
    • In each team, there's a "telekiller" and after a short period of time (let's say 2m or so), the ALPHA TEAM telekiller gets the round, and in the next round, the BRAVO TEAM telekiller gets the round.
    • What happens in this scenario, is an over 44-45m game, probably even 50 minutes, which even on a global server with only 100% passes, is around 10k EXP.
    Even tho the idea is completely insane, what if this could be made 100% afkable, with no need for user input on the game.
    I mean, it could even be sold as a different hack, not being part of the VIP hacks, like Warrock ones were.

    I'm open to ideas on this and what exactly can be done to make EXP Farming an automatic thing.
    I wanna do this if u need somebody hml
    Sounds good, we might take a look at this after all the things on to-do list are done.
    [Image: cristiano-ronaldo-free-kick-goal.gif]

    Pretty interesting Ideas but the SND trick is a good strat but cant be afked. OR CAN IT
    Elim pro is risky because your tele-killing and a GM can come in so wouldn't recommend.
    (12-09-2016, 08:08 PM)Crazy Wrote: Pretty interesting Ideas but the SND trick is a good strat but cant be afked. OR CAN IT
    Elim pro is risky because your tele-killing and a GM can come in so wouldn't recommend.

    The SnD one could be afked, since there used to be a very old hack, where you could save a specific coordinate and with another key, teleport to that spot, however, nearly 100% sure that was patched and beat down harder than any of the Nexon's top experience gainers wallets.

    Now for the second one, I so far have been playing very actively (not this week but for the last 2-3 months) and I can safely say I've been seen GMs enter my room twice.

    First scenario: Room 001 on Global - Self explanatory, the GM went there to make sure no one was powerleveling, he even stated that we should stop drawing.
    Second scenario: I was going for a ridiculous XX-0 score and I immediately saw a 3D box with HP floating over the train in Kill Creek and at that moment, ALT+F4.

    They do seem to be active now and then, however, I've never seen them on the black market, or lower populated servers. (Maybe if VE staff wants to release this kind of hack, we could provide some test accounts and scenarios)

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