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    VIP Suggestions

    Hello V-EVO community,
    After using this sites hack over the past weeks i must say its on top of the game right now. I play mostly in my main account so i use aimbot mostly and i want to say a few ideas that if its added it would make things a lot smoother and seem more legit when using these hacks.
    1.Smooth Aim: It does work but its effect should be able to be increased some more.
    2. Extra Hotkeys: so the hotkey i use to activate the aimbot while in combat is the left click therefor it only works when im shooting. but sometimes i want to turn off my aimbot so then i have to open the menu and go turn it off manually (which requires me to stop completly in gameplay and it can look suspicious at times), i would appreciate a hotkey to turn it off right of way. perhaps a hotkey that disables all Hacks that were currently on and then it saves my last settings so when i press it again it turns on the hacks i had on with the same settings.
    3.Body target Random option: it works great and it works fine but sometimes it feels out of control. 5-6 years ago there was a site that basically had a "bone-part chart" and you can select where the aimbot aims and what sequence and it worked pretty good. Also if you can make it that it would skip "x-amount" of bullets if desired after each sequence is complete so therefor i will "miss" x-bullets so it can seem more legit. I heard that Ghost Aim is patched but if it can be brought back thats more preferable. but im trying to come up with ideas to simulate ghost aim as much as possible.
    4. Enemy/friend list: just a list where i can select people where my aimbot would not work towards them. and also an enemy list where i put them as i hate them and i would give them a headshot (or what ever bone i want. (kind of too much but it would be Awesome)
    5. FOV around cross hair mode: its basically a circle around the cross hair that when ever an enemy is within that circle the aimbot picks it up and only within that circle. An option to make this circle bigger or smaller and whether we want it visual or not kind of like the "draw circle" under Visuals hack.
    6. saving user name and PW in the loader: it would be nice to have the username and/or PW saved so i dont have to type my info all the time XD. Also saving previous Hack settings would be a sweet touch.
    7. Fairy hacks(hacks that are hard to get): Infinite ammo, Super bullet(shoot through walls), name changer, anti-kick, life taker, No-fall damage. 
    I basically want to describe an aimbot that i would be able to record and seems like im playing legit and also hacks to OWN the shit out of noobs. I know some of this seems hard to do or impossible. these are just ideas XD and if made possible its more business for you guys and more fun for us Smile. Hope this helps and happy hackin
    [-] The following 1 user says Thank You to Elreal321 for this post:
      • Moly
    Thank You for you feedback, we will take this to consideration
    Check out Matriox's Important Posts http://www.virtualevolution.co/search.ph...ds&uid=632

    [Image: Tommy-Hilfiger_logo.jpg]

    first of all, thank you so much for your feedbacks and your suggestions. people like you are the motivation for us to keep improving our site and hacks. I do agreed with most of your suggestions, but #7 I dont think it would be possible since it can cause easy ban.
    [Image: cristiano-ronaldo-free-kick-goal.gif]

    (12-09-2016, 08:15 PM)taylor. Wrote: first of all, thank you so much  for your feedbacks and your suggestions. people like you are the motivation for us to keep improving our site and hacks. I do agreed with most of your suggestions, but #7 I dont think it would be possible since it can cause easy ban.
    your absolutely right XD ..all the aimbot parts is what i really want
    Most of the hacks you mentioned in number 7 is impossible now since it is server sided. You could create hacks for it but that would be hacking into a server which is highly illegal so no one would do that.
    As for infinite ammo, i am not 100% sure on whether it is perma patched or not...

    So basically all the hacks you mentioned are basically patched for good
    F12 is the kill switch so it does disable all hacks.
    [Image: oiTeyC6.jpg]


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