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Ryu's Dirty Bomb Suggestions
- Alot more options for ESP just like CA has 
- Name tag
- Distance
- Health bar
- No recoil
- Spread
- Opk or something like telekill if that's possible with DB
- Fast weapon switch
- selectable bones/aim key
- Smooth aim just like CA Big Grin
- Visible checks 
- Invisible 
- Speed/flying
- Distance
- Warning for nearby players
- A mini map to show players
- adjustable colors for chams or esps if possible
- Fast aim
- health hack if possible if not that's okay
- Shake
- FOV 
- ESP lines
- Rapid fire
- Auto Aim
- Auto Fire
- ESP Explosives
- No flash
- No smoke 
- Super jump

 I'll slowly be adding more as I think about what else would be a good addition for DB hacks !
Dirty bomb has unlimited stamina built in their game, besides that nice list Smile .
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There are 10 types of people in the world: those that understand binary and those that don't.

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Good thing is most of those are features already. We'll see when it goes through beta hacks
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